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Map of Pedro Point

About the Project

This project is focused on designing and planning for a trail to connect the City of Pacifica with the Devil's Slide Trail (with connections to Pedro Point Headlands) via a multi-use pathway that is accessible for all users and provides a beautiful, easy-to-use alternative to Highway 1. This map shows the approximate proposed alignment of the trail


Conceptual Design

A Conceptual Design and Feasibility study was conducted by the Coastal Conservancy in 2019-2020 to look at route options for the Pedro Point Coastal Trail. Below are the findings including Existing Conditions, Community Engagement, Alignment Comparative Analysis, and the Final Preferred Alternative.” 

The Existing Conditions, Opportunities and Constraints Report (14.7MB PDF) provides detailed background, considerations and preliminary concepts as well as a biological report and tree assessment.

The Community, Public and Stakeholder Engagement Summary (3.8MB PDF) covers the extensive input received on the trail's alignment and design.

The Comparative Analysis evaluates how different alternatives and elements perform against the original project objectives.

The Draft Preferred Trail Maps (6.6MB PDF) presents the proposed trail alignment and design focused on the challenging Northern Steep Slope Connection.


The Final Preferred Trail Design (9.8MB PDF) presents the final community-selected alignment and design elements and includes maps, descriptions, renderings, next steps and cost estimates. 


Next Steps

The next steps needed to turn this trail from a plan into reality include developing detailed design and engineering plans; conducting further community engagement; developing environmental documentation; acquiring permits; fundraising; and partnering with a park agency to manage to the trail.​


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Project Team

The Pedro Point Coastal Trail is a project of the California State Coastal Conservancy. This website was designed  by the project team. 

Project Manager

Hilary Walecka

Central Coast Project Manager

State Coastal Conservancy

1515 Clay Street, 10th Floor

Oakland, CA  94612

T: (510) 286-7029  


Consultant Team

TrailPeople, Landscape Architects & Planners

Haro Kasunich Associates, Inc

Timothy C. Best, CEG

Biotic Resources Group


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